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A Creative Spark


The coolest part about working with creatives is, well, working with creatives. Creativity is the manifestation of deep passion and love. Witnessing what that passion and love produces in our clients is just so damn amazing. For Baltimore filmmaker Lee Morton and his associates at Clickspark, every ounce of this creative drive comes through in their work. It is remarkable to see how they have taken a long-established industry and transformed it into a true art form. While wedding videography may conjure images of forgotten, dusty VHS tapes and footage of drunk Uncle Al telling you he always loved you, what Clickspark creates is more the stuff of beautifully composed art films, telling the story of their clients’ journey into marriage. This work is equal parts the craft of filmmaking and the craft of storytelling.

It is their emphasis on craft that really caught our attention as we started on our own journey to create the new Clickspark brand. We were drawn to the concept of craftsmanship – assembling and building a product. Lee and company were attracted to the clean simplicity of Swiss design much in the same way we were in the creation of the Braizen brand – something to be said about “birds of a feather.” Building on these essential design perspectives, we began our process of crafting Clickspark’s new look. We developed a central design element to serve as the spark (heh) that would ignite (oh, brother) the brand as a whole. This electrifying (COME ON!) little element became the common thread throughout the brand and inspired several additional illustrations and some shockingly (sigh) awesome patterns and textures.

What we really LOVE about all of this is how Lee and his team have fully embraced the new look. Doing what they do, Clickspark even made a little film about their mark – be sure to check it out below.






Check out this promotion video that Lee and his team put together in honor of their new brand and website launch. It’s pretty awesome and will not disappoint!

WISDOM OF CRAFT from Clickspark on Vimeo.

“I think to most small businesses the idea of branding is a bit overwhelming because if they deeply understand it’s relevance, they know how impactful it is. How the consistency and cohesiveness of how you look is not only depicting what you stand for but also establishes a deep sense of trust. Braizen challenges you, excites you and takes so many necessary steps to create timeless and practical marketing tools for your business. I’ve always wondered what we would look like in one “mark” and everyday I still get excited by it’s form and dynamic.  We’re passionate to make an impact & ignite our viewers and Braizen interpreted that so clearly.  They’re candid, defiant and so talented.”         ~Lee Morton

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When Life Gives You Lemons


The number of possible puns and clichés about lemons far exceeds anyone’s limit for such silliness. My god, the lemon-lemonade paradox alone could quite possibly lead to the collapse of the internet itself. We must be responsible. We must be mindful. We cannot sour taint the blog experience for our readers. We must resist the desire to wax philosophical on the conflicting paradigm of a fruit that is dreadfully sour and a man who is incredibly sweet. No, we must do better. Jon Lemon deserves better.

He deserves better because he is quite an amazing person and a creative wedding photographer. Talking with Jon on the phone, we knew immediately that we were going to have a great time re-imagining his brand and helping him prepare his business for the next chapter. We also fell in love with his work – though based in New York, Jon loves taking his clients out of the city and using natural light and landscapes to frame his subjects. In the city, he likes to soften the concrete and bright lights so as to not dull the image of the loving couples he photographs. The final product is like a work of art – pastoral and calming and lovely. Yes, we are fans.

What Jon needed was a brand that complimented his work. He needed a look that was as artistic and lovely as his photography. The challenge was taking the expected (No, you can’t have a last name like “Lemon” and not use lemons) and translating it into something unexpected. What helped us in this endeavor was listening to Jon’s perspectives on design, deconstructing his photography, and identifying the importance of nature to him and his work. This is how we approached using the lemon as a visual component of the brand. It became not only the lemon, but the lemon tree and woodgrain and warm earthiness.

Instead of making lemonade, we made a better lemon. Really, we focused on the better lemon – Jon – and brought his personality to light and to life in his brand.


“Braizen did an amazing job taking a fuzzy idea I had for my brand and turning it into something amazingly perfect. Everyone I dealt with was awesome, personable, and attentive. I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re thinking of rebranding your business (or branding for the first time!), get Braizened!”  ~Jon Lemon

ReFreshed & Ready

As designers, there are few things that make us feel as good as when a former client comes back to work with us again. So, when SoCal photographer Kaysha Weiner reached out to us for a bit of a branding update, we were over-the-moon.  Kaysha is a client from way back in our B.B. days (Before Braizen) . She still loved what Ashley had designed for her in 2009, but she and her business were starting to grow out of it. It’s really awesome when clients you love return and you get to see just how they’ve gotten better with age experience.

Kaysha has come a long way over the past five years. We were stoked to see how the initial branding helped to get her started, but her photography and reputation for excellent client care has been steadily growing and it was time for a more sophisticated, high-end look to match her level of work. This is what we love to see – the people we work for achieve the success they deserve. So, now to help Kaysha reach her next goals, we have revamped and refreshed her brand story. We know that this new and improved Kaysha Weiner brand with see our friend into the next phase of her personal and business success.


Kaysha’s main reason for the update was to really give her website a facelift. She requested something fresh and fun and a little eclectic.


In 2009 I worked with Ashley on the very first logo for my budding photography business. In the years that passed my company grew, my brand evolved, so when I was ready for a refreshed look I couldn’t wait to work with Braizen! I followed their work over the years, and had no doubt that they would create something beautiful and completely unique to me. 

What I got was so much more than a new logo and website, I got to work with a team that truly understood my vision. Each step of the process was smooth, organized, and an absolutely joy. I’m actually sad that we are finished, because the last few weeks have been so much fun!

The term “rebrand” always made me nervous, so going into the design process I didn’t want to reinvent my brand completely. Instead we kept the elements that were working for me, and updated the rest. From the moment I received my inspiration board I was smitten, and the following designs were perfections. It’s like they just got me, my style, and the direction I wanted to go – such an amazing feeling.

Looking at my final designs and website I couldn’t be happier! The attention to detail is phenomenal, the designs are completely me, and they were able to work in all my must have elements. I cannot wait to show off all their hard work, and I know this will help take my business to the next level.

I cannot thank Braizen enough for all their hard work, magical ProPhoto skills, and for being all around kick-ass designer. I consider myself lucky enough to have worked with them, and you will too!

~Kaysha Weiner

Edged Business Cards printed by JakPrints
Luxe Notecards printed by Moo.com
Rubberstamp from Rubberstamps.net

Dane - Cute photos! I love the fonts!

Chris - Smudged Photo - Wow, these are beautiful, so clean and classy. Love it.

kelley - What a fabulous job! I loved Kaysha’s first design and am very impressed with the update. It suits her perfectly! Well Done!

Kaysha - So awesome to see it all finished and complete – love it!! :)

Braizen Office Makeover • Sneak Peek

When the new office was completed last year, we kinda just packed up, drove over, set up our computers and started working (and stuffed a bunch of crap in the closet). There was no time to think about layout and design, pick new wall colors, or buy new furniture … it was simply “Operation Get-er-Done-and-Get-Back-to-Work”!

After several months of working in a thrown-together space, we realized it was high-time we created a truly Braizen environment, where we could be creative, have fun and not be embarrassed if an occasional client came to visit us now and again.

We went straight to our client and good friend, local interior and furniture designer Samantha Pattillo (you can check out more of her branding project here and here). She, of course, jumped at the chance to ogle Walt and perhaps catch him shirtless whilst moving furniture. It’s hard to blame her, really.

She went right to work checking out our Pinterest boards, researching our style, assessing our needs and taking measurements. We gravitated towards a rustic-industrial vibe and think that Samantha has pretty much nailed it (pun intended).  Check out her initial sketches and layouts below. We love all the little touches of our Braizen red. So far it’s been fascinating being on the other end of the design process.

We went to Scott’s Antique Market this weekend with Samantha and walked away with an awesome base (and ordered a custom table top for it as well) for our conference room table. It’s from a 1911 cast-iron drafting table. When Samantha heard the story about how Ashley and her husband, Paul met while studying Architecture – it became a must-have piece for the new space. It’s being paired with some awesome red stools.

Here’s a little peek at a few of the finishes that will be incorporated into the conference room space.

We’re so excited about pulling the space together and can’t wait to show off the finished space! We will have everything done by the end of April and will be unveiling our new gorgeous Braizen digs at that time. Stay tuned, lovelies!

Nailed it!

Back in May (yes, LAST May), Ashley and Tyrie took part in the 17th installment of the Atlanta PechaKucha 20 x 20 conference. It was a great night, but what really made it great is that furniture design maven Samantha Pattillo was in the audience to see our presentation. She enjoyed the presentation so much that she called Braizen to inquire about creating a cohesive look for her personal brand. It was a match made in design Valhalla.

For the last four months we have been having an amazing time working with Samantha on this incredible project. It has been an envigorating exchange of ideas and design karma. As designers, business owners, and all around creative masterminds, we all – firm and client – came together to make this project work. Because we were designing a very personal brand for Samantha and her personal design work, we had to get at the heart of who she is – a woman who is inventive, great with her hands (hubba hubba), business savvy, and just so much fun to be around.

We spent a lot of time sharing visits between the Braizen office and Samantha’s office and her workshop. Walter, as lead designer (and resident carpenter), took an extra special interest in Samantha’s work (we’re gonna have to watch those two or we may lose Walt to the furniture business). He and Samantha really hit it off and worked together to put together the right design for this exciting new brand. We had to design something that communicated both Samantha’s sophistication and her carpentry prowess – her “fashion and function” perspective on all things design – and do so in a way that was unique and fresh. Her existing blog title, “Heels and a Hammer”, gave us a great launching point to do just that.

The other part of the challenge was finding the right way to merge Samantha’s modern sensibilities with her puncheon for beautiful, natural materials … um, wood. But, the challenge was easily met by Walter – and with Samantha’s help, the designs took shape and said everything they needed to say.

Shortly after we completed Samantha’s branding (as in the day after her collateral came off the press), she got the opportunity to film a little feature with HGTV, perhaps you’ve heard of them? You can see little snippets of her branding and website.

HGTV Feature Samantha Pattillo from Samantha Pattillo on Vimeo.

After we wrapped up with Samantha, we decided to gift every client with something especially made for them featuring their branding. Tinkering Monkey whipped up this awesome engraved set of coasters. Now Samantha is free to getting “hammered” without ruining her awesome mid-century modern coffee table. #partytime

From her mouth to your ear… read about Samantha’s experience here. And stay tuned… the client / designer tables were turned recently. More on that next week.

Braizen Office Makeover • Sneak Peek » Braizen | Branding & Design for Small Business - [...] and furniture designer Samantha Pattillo (you can check out more of her branding project here and here). She, of course, jumped at the chance to ogle Walt and perhaps catch him shirtless whilst moving [...]