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High Six For Hemi

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram then you’ve probably already met our new little six-toed office mate. If not, say hello to Hemingway, aka Hemi. Born with a congenital abnormality (genetically inherited), Hemi is a polydactyl cat. These six-toed sweeties are most often found in the Southeastern United States, especially in the Key West area since Ernest Hemingway had an affinity for these mittened kittens. Fun Fact: the those extra toes make polydactyls excellent designers.


A Salute to Pencil Pushers

Pencil Pushers. Desk Jockeys. Knights of Ink. For you, the pen is truly mightier than the sword. While some toil in factories or sweat it out in the elements, you sacrifice your waistline to ergonomic chairs and doughnut-fueled brainstorming sessions. From TPS reports to late-night deadlines, you insure the paperwork gets done at all costs. Yes, you are the REAL MVPs. So, on this Labor Day, we salute you. Push those pencils, push on.

In observance of the Labor Day holiday, the paper wranglers at Braizen are taking a well-deserved break. See y’all on Tuesday!

A Salute to Pencil Pushers

A Romp with Dogs: Behind the Scenes Fun

We recently shot a hilarious promo video with our talented friends and clients at Clickspark. They flew down from Baltimore to hang with us for a couple of days, and filmed us as we worked, and drank rum, and worked, and fell down hills (yes, it was a wonderful, magical time). They rented a slow motion camera for a specific scene in our video, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity for shooting some extra footage to really get their money’s worth … including catching some fun playtime action with our furry friends. Watch Chester and, visiting pup, Huck as they romp around the Braizen compound. It felt like the perfect video for Wednesday (and just one day after National Dog Day). 

Rest in Peace Katie

While we were away from our blog the past few months, our little old Jack Russell and office mascot, Katie, passed away. She lived a long, happy, full life. Katie was best known for barking at every-damn-thing that came up the driveway and assaulting the ankles of dangerous persons (well, any persons) who came into the house too quickly. She was also incredibly loving and snuggly (once she got to know you). She is greatly missed. Rest in peace, sweet Katie.


July 31, 2000 – June 14, 2014

Image by Anne Almasy

Published: Logo Lounge 8 (Cosmic Yahtzee!)

It’s always such an honor to be included in a volume of Logo Lounge, but it is ALWAYS a mystery how they come to choose the selections that end up in their publication. We imagine something between divination, quantum physics, and shooting craps … we’ll call it, “Cosmic Yahtzee.” This volume of Logo Lounge was full of surprises and was a nice little walk down memory lane with some of our past clients. It feels good to have our work recognized with some of our best peers from the industry and to see our clients’ brands getting some love!

Braizen Published in LogoLounge8