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Coming Soon

Ok, we suck. We’re sorry. We’ve been so bad about blogging lately, it really is just awful. But, not to make excuses, we DO have good reason … pinkie swear, cross our sweet little hearts we do. Not only have we been slammed with rad new projects (oh, yes), but we’ve also been working on a new, fandamntactic Braizen website complete with all new content.

Do y’all know how hard it is to 1. design for yourself (we’re our own worst critics) and 2. write all new content and photograph/edit all new work (Tyrie may cut somebody). Let’s not even mention picking what gets featured on the site in the first place. Well, of course you understand because you’re cool and creative and you get us! Thanks for being so awesome.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen a fraction of all the new goodness, but if you haven’t then here’s a little sneak peek of a few of our featured clients…

Mōzell Films Branding and Letterhead Design by BRAIZEN

Tiffani Thiessen Branding by BRAIZENPenny James Jewelry Co. Branding and Stationery by BRAIZENManuela Bertol CD / DVD Case by BRAIZENFinding Home Branding & Business Cards by BRAIZENAE Outdoor Branding & Business Cards by Braizen

Photography & styling by our good friend (and past office manager) Alicja Colon.

Stay tuned, lovelies …

Finding Sweetness at Home

One of the perks of branding small businesses is that “small business” is often synonymous with “family business.” We see so many wonderful family-driven endeavors in our work. As Braizen is also a family-driven business, we really identify with how stressful wonderful this dynamic can be. There may be no better example of just how wonderful as the Putnum family and their company Finding Home.

Finding Home - The Putnam Family  - Photography by Erin Witkowski

Meet Laura, Finding Home founder, DIY maven, and all around lover of everything “home.” She began this venture as a blog space dedicated to sharing ideas on home inspirations, DIY projects, and other information to help her readers create comfortable living spaces. This past year she was joined by her hubby, Dana – former corporate all-star – to expand the Finding Home brand into a whole new (and sticky) adventure … Maple Syrup.

Dana represents the third generation of sugar makers in his family. When he made the decision to break out of the corporate grind it was for the specific reason of carrying on the family tradition with his own line of maple syrup – one he hopes to pass on to his and Laura’s daughters. So it is that Finding Home has transformed from Laura’s blog into a full-on family affair,

We have really enjoyed this process with the Putnum’s. Taking inspiration from Laura’s grandfather and his love of cardinals, and the story of Noah’s dove, we worked to create a visual representation of the spirit behind Finding Home – the spirit of family, warmth, and defining a space where those things come to life. Then, a first for us, we designed a collection of labels for the maple syrup (seriously, never thought we’d ever get to do something so cool). Additionally, we designed numerous other print pieces and designed a brand new website to help Finding Home really take off. Check out this amazing family and read what they have to say about their experience with Braizen.

Photography by Erin Witkowski.

Finding Home Sugar House • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin WitkowskiFinding Home Branding & Packaging Design by Braizen • Photography by Erin Witkowski

Finding Home Branding & Identity Design by BRAIZEN

When we first started the process of figuring out how to merge our existing business with our new business, we knew our first step was to get help. We knew we were too close to be able to make the decisions that needed to be made without help. After one vendor fell through, my favorite two branding ideas on Pinterest lead me to the same place – Braizen.

Our first step was to fill out their thorough questionnaire and it was just what we needed to get us moving forward. Our first “working” call lead to the amazing idea of our logo. I shared our story, Ashley voiced the idea and Walter executed it to perfection.

Braizen has guided us through this whole process and provided us with branding that we are so proud of and that we are hoping will be timeless. They stayed true to who we really are while still pushing us out of our comfort zone when needed. They provided us with the big picture ideas and executed the small details we needed. We always felt important and they were always reachable.

When we look back on our company’s story, I believe our decision to partner with Braizen will be one of the key components that lead to our success. Every time I open our site, each time I ship a bottle of syrup – I am filled with 100% pure happiness!

Thank you Braizen Team!!!

~Laura Putnam

Laura Putnam - So cool to see us here!!! It was about this time last year when I was pinning ideas and trying to figure out our future, and now here we are! Seriously, we could not have been happier to work with you guys and know that you will always be part of our future plans and endeavors!

Wishing you all the very best this holiday – and thank you so much for the amazing ornament. It is proudly hanging on our tree!

Holiday 2014

Well, the mad dash is upon us – all around Braizen HQ traffic abounds as all the schmucks out there attempt to squeeze in the last bit of holiday shopping. We, of course, are ALL done with that (HA!). As we do every year, we are closing down shop to be with family and loved ones. No, don’t cry. We’ll be back on January 5, 2015. But, before we go, we want to take a short moment to say, “Thanks!” Thank you to all of our wonderful clients. Thank you to all of the readers of our blog and our fans who follow us on social media. Every one of you has contributed to what has been an UN-believable year for our company and our team. You’re awesome. We’re awesome. It’s a whole swirly-swirly, gumdrop party of awesome for everyone! Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals … see you in 2015.


emily - thats some true braizen awesomeness right there

Happy Turkey Day!

Eating season is upon us! It is a time of casseroles and Jello molds, mac-n-cheese and dinner rolls, and, yes, copious amounts of ham and turkey. This is the kick-off to over a month of delicious food and time with friends and family. It’s simply superb. The Braizen offices will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (11/24 – 11/28) so that we can sufficiently prepare food and stuff our faces.  We will resume business (albeit heavier) as usual on December 1st.


Form, Function & Funny

If you’ve visited our contact page and filled out our form, you may have noticed that there are a few weird questions. Some people love them and some people hate them. The haters can just keep on hating. In fact, they probably just shouldn’t fill out the form. Keep on movin’ folks.

You see, the answers we get from those three little questions do amazing things for us. They tell us how creative and fun you are, if you’ve taken the time to read our website, and if you are ultimately “Braizen” material. We don’t work with everyone. We’re not meant to. We’re after a specific demographic – fun, nerdy and creative small business owners – because… well, they’re the tits!

Here’s one of our all-time favorite inquiries. You might even say it’s THE all-time favorite. Read it. You’ll want to work with Aliza the Great too! You can see her branding here.