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Oh, Hello There!

When we open a new client questionnaire and see gems like “I saw Jill Smith’s website and wanted to Single-White-Female it” or “kind of a color addict here. I like them all” we know we have found the right client. Graphic Designer and stationery black belt Jenny Romanski has turned out to be just that. She reached out to us just about a year ago to take on the task of updating the brand for her company Hello Little One. The fact that she came highly recommended from one of our all-time favorite clients made this match all the more heavenly. We loved everything about this little company, especially the employ-your-family aspect of Jenny’s hiring her mom as production artist (we know something about running a family business over here). More than that, we loved Jenny’s work and found plenty of inspiration in her own aesthetic perspective. So, nine months later, we’re ready to send this little one out into the wide big world and watch it grow for another decade (there’s a birth analogy in there somewhere – you’re just gonna have to trust us).

Business Card Design for Hello Little One by BRAIZENTagline, Digital Painting and Branding for Hello Little One by BRAIZENLogo Brush Script Calligraphy Process Sketches for Hello Little One by BRAIZENBusiness cards with gold foil for Hello Little One by BRAIZEN

Hello Little One Brand Identity and Branding Board by BRAIZEN

Hello Little One Website Design by BRAIZEN

“What I really want to say is YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AMAZING AND BALLS TO THE WALL AWESOME but I thought I’d try to be a bit more professional…;)here goes…

I was in the middle of sourcing a design firm to help me rebrand Hello Little One, and I was not having much luck. I’m pretty picky, and wasn’t really impressed with the portfolios I came across. I was looking for über creatives that spoke the same crazy design language that I did, and was beginning to think it may just be a pipe dream and I’d have to settle.

Then a bit of lightning struck. One of my favorite designer buddies, Jill Smith, launched her new website, designed by Braizen, and it was amazeballs. It had her personality oozing from every inch of it. So I called up Braizen, and a new love story ensued.

I absolutely adored working with the team at Braizen. Besides the end results, the area that I was most impressed with was their eagerness to get to know me and my work. I came to them with a somewhat cloudy vision, but their R&D stage really fine-tuned my likes and wishes. On the first week of deliverables, I couldn’t believe how freaking PERFECTLY they nailed it. Week after week, we just kept moving along. They were on-time, on-budget, passionate and professional. When my website launched, the comment I received most was “That is so YOU” — exactly what I was hoping for. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and am looking forward to the next project with the awesome folks at Braizen.”

~Jenny Romanski, Hello Little One



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This is Freaking Great!

A Freaking Great Company … a company name so awesome so great we wish we had thought of it ourselves. That brilliant idea came from none other than Aliza Stein – our, dear, dear, Aliza: witty, funny, and altogether one of our favorite clients. She’s special for a lot of reasons, but one of those is that, like us, Aliza is a branding wizard, who really gets the importance of creating an upfront and honest business identity. That’s Aliza Stein all damn day – if she wasn’t so busy running her own amazing brand strategy company, we’d want her on our team.

Over the past several months, we’ve been working with Aliza and her peeps to develop a new brand and some amazing collateral for A Freaking Great Company. She approached us a while back after internet stalking us for several months (but, it was a cute, endearing kind of stalkery – not weird at all … kind of like being stalked by a koala, or maybe a baby giraffe).  She won our hearts with her inquiry and then blew us away when she turned in her questionnaire. We were smitten and intrigued (and a little scared because she’s evil-genius smart).

Working with Aliza has been a really fun process. She’s definitely one of “us” and that has made this experience beyond enjoyable. We actually have days where we just want to call her up and chat – she’s like our very own Mr. Belvedere (but, the later episodes Belvedere when he was really soft and kind and not such a dick and would really help the kids with their problems and was just, you know, a great listener in a really comfy-looking sweater). We are looking forward to a long, enduring friendship with this awesome crazy woman and we’re freaking stoked about this brand … we’re sure you will be too.

Printing Details: Luxe Notecards from Moo.com, Luxe Letterhead from Moo.com, Envelopes from French Paper Co. & Envelopes.com, Strategy Guide from Magcloud, Rubberstamp from Rubberstamps.net.


Fiona Humberstone - LOVE this! Seriously beautiful. All of it: the typography, the colours, the layouts. Just gorgeous!

Aliza - I love, love, love my new brand. Thank you so much y’all! You took a business vision, a kooky dream, and my personality and turned it into a glorious, beautiful brand.

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I loved working with all of you! :)





Bell Logo

The internet is a miraculous place – you can find just about anything these days. Recently, we stumbled upon this amazing Bell Labs corporate film produced by one of the founding fathers of modern graphic design, Saul Bass. It’s an amazing look back at the creative process behind the iconic Bell Labs/AT&T logo that served that corporation until the big break up in 1984. Even today, we can still find remnants of “Ma Bell” (got the ill communication) on all kinds of objects throughout America. Just goes to show the kind of impact great branding can have on a culture.

Glorious Harvest

While our work as designers is well-documented, our activities outside of the Braizen offices is not as well known. So, we’re changing that … like, now.  To start, we thought we’d head up to the farm with Tyrie and his labor of love at Glory Seeds, a 41-acre, non-profit, organic farm located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. Tyrie and his partner, Elaina, came upon Glory Seeds during an evening jaunt through the mountain roads around Clayton, GA. Seeing the farm from the road, they decided to stop and see if they could get a tour. They got more than they bargained for, as Kim and Larry Jensen not only welcomed them to the farm, but also handed them each a newborn baby goat and a kitten to hold. Yes, it was a friggin’ cuteness overload. Since that day, Tyrie and Elaina have taken on a number of roles at Glory Seeds, including official beekeeper, part-time goat milker, fence mender and general handyman, animal groomer, cat feeder, weed block installer, harvester, goat wrangler, turkey wrangler, official donkey nose and ear scratcher, and many more.

Baby Goats & Kittens

Glory Seeds is more than just a farm (as if that wasn’t enough). Glory Seeds’ mission is raising awareness about nutrition and sustainable farming practices, enriching and empowering spiritual growth and faith in Christ, and growing food for needy families in the surrounding communities. 50% of the produce grown at Glory Seeds is donated to another project created by the Jensens, God’s Abundance. Through these two organizations, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, and numerous volunteers, Kim and Larry help to feed some 150 families in need every week.

Yes, they are incredible people doing incredible things – doing incredible things with not a lot of financial support. So much of what goes into making Glory Seeds work is Kim and Larry’s own money, the generosity of others through donation, numerous grants, and a whole lotta prayer. As such, we are beginning work on a little donation of our own – a rebrand of Glory Seeds and a new blogsite. Helping spread the word on their wonderful mission is the least we can do for two people so selfless and dedicated to helping others. So, stay tuned … and, if given the opportunity, hug a goat.


A Design Endeavor

Jill Smith is amazing. She is incredibly talented, genuinely sweet and kind, and just one of our favorite people in the whole, wide, big damn ‘verse. We have been working with this incredible designer and letterer for over a year and we are finally, happily able to show off her amazing brand as it was intended. Jill recently sent over some images of the various pieces of collateral she has been ordering over the past several months (the lovely photographs courtesy of Brooke Schwab). We are blown away by how amazing everything turned out. As our brands are often strong reflections of the wonderful people we work with, it should be no surprise that Jill Smith’s brand has translated so beautifully to a number of different mediums. Check out these beauties and then read Jill’s too-kind words about her experience with Braizen.

Edited to add: Wrapping Paper printed by Spoonflower, Notecards and Business cards printing by Moo using Luxe letterhead which was then trimmed and hand sewn onto the Luxe Business cards.


“I had been dragging my feet on entering the social media/blogging world for a few years. Truth is I am not great at sharing my world. I can be pretty private. I am great at sharing with my friends, like the ones who I have their phone numbers and I visit their homes and snuggle their kids.  But outside of that, even to facebook ‘friends’, I just hardly could do it.  So trying to put myself out there in a big-world-website-kinda way kept getting pushed lower and lower on my to-do list.  That, and being a designer myself, I wanted it to look really good. So I found myself at a complete standstill.

Enter Braizen.

I’m finding it a bit tough to write a testimonial that speaks highly enough about how pleased I am with Braizen. I’m so incredibly happy with my re-branding and website. They created something so sound, so witty, so different from everything already out there, and so perfect for me. They completely captured me and my aesthetic.  Narwhals and Rhinos!  Rainbow raindrops! Incorporating my handwriting!  Oh yes, thank you.  And that is just the end result. Working behind the scenes with them was very easy and organized.  They did an amazing job, on a schedule, with no surprises.  And we had fun doing it.  They are both professional and personal and not afraid to share their true opinions. They helped me personally find a way to put my business out there and just enough of myself out there too. I couldn’t be happier. And dare I say proud. I smile like a complete idiot whenever I look at my site. I am so grateful that I found them!”        ~ Jill Smith

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jenny - All of this looks a-may-zing. And I love Jill Smith more than you do. Infinity. Infinity plus one. Go Braizen — you guys seriously rock!