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Happy Turkey Day!

Eating season is upon us! It is a time of casseroles and Jello molds, mac-n-cheese and dinner rolls, and, yes, copious amounts of ham and turkey. This is the kick-off to over a month of delicious food and time with friends and family. It’s simply superb. The Braizen offices will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (11/24 – 11/28) so that we can sufficiently prepare food and stuff our faces.  We will resume business (albeit heavier) as usual on December 1st.


Form, Function & Funny

If you’ve visited our contact page and filled out our form, you may have noticed that there are a few weird questions. Some people love them and some people hate them. The haters can just keep on hating. In fact, they probably just shouldn’t fill out the form. Keep on movin’ folks.

You see, the answers we get from those three little questions do amazing things for us. They tell us how creative and fun you are, if you’ve taken the time to read our website, and if you are ultimately “Braizen” material. We don’t work with everyone. We’re not meant to. We’re after a specific demographic – fun, nerdy and creative small business owners – because… well, they’re the tits!

Here’s one of our all-time favorite inquiries. You might even say it’s THE all-time favorite. Read it. You’ll want to work with Aliza the Great too! You can see her branding here.


A Sign of Good Times

One Eleven Photography’s Jenna Elliott was born on January 11th. As a capricorn, this SoCal photographer is very goal-oriented and driven to make her business succeed. Her questionnaire was impeccably awesome – we knew that working with Jenna was going to be a whole lot of fun. As is often the case with really great clients, we were incredibly inspired and ended up with several options that we really loved. It was an incredibly hard decision between design rounds, which included this sweet idea that Ashley doodled on an orange post-it note shortly before our first call with Jenna. Ultimately, Jenna’s capricornic (dude, we totally just made up that word) tendencies became the centerpiece for a design that is a lovely balance of whimsical, artsy, and clean. This collaboration was truly in the stars for all of us.

Images courtesy of  Jenna Elliott.

One Eleven Photography branding and identity design by Braizen DesignOne Eleven Photography branding and identity design by Braizen DesignOne Eleven Photography branding and identity design by Braizen DesignOne Eleven Photography Brand Identity & Logo Design by BRAIZENOne Eleven Photography branding and identity design by Braizen Design

one-eleven-photography-branding-001-002One Eleven Photography branding and identity design by Braizen Design

One Eleven Photography Logo Design & Pattern by BRAIZENOne Eleven Photography branding and identity design by Braizen DesignWG4A9326WG4A9330


“Hello, my name is Jenna and I am a sucker for packaging. What can I say? I am a visual person. I love pretty things and sometimes I seriously just can’t resist. And so, I am also very aware of how important branding can be.

Five years ago, I started my photography business and for five years I daydreamed about creating just the right brand for my business. But, it was just never the right time. There was equipment to buy, a photographic style to develop and, ultimately, a business to grow.

And then, I stumbled upon Braizen and the stars aligned. I had finally gotten to the point in business where investing in branding made sense. I had achieved that growth I had been seeking and was ready to take it to the next level. The business needed an identity that would set it a part in a ridiculously saturated market while also attracting just the right clientele. It needed to embody me and my photographic point of view–fun yet professional, creative yet timeless, vintage yet modern, unique yet beautiful. A tall order! I wasn’t sure how they would bring it all together but Braizen absolutely delivered. I am so in love with what they created for us, I may marry it.

There are a lot of great designers out there but Braizen is really exceptional. Every one of their projects is beautiful, creative and fun, but they are also so absolutely unique from one another. They aren’t just a talented, brilliant graphic design firm, they are branding experts. I am so thankful and proud to be a part of the Braizen family!”

~Jenna Elliott

One Eleven Photography Brand Identity Board by BRAIZEN

A Little Seed Money

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Glory Seeds Farm, a non-profit organic farm that Tyrie has been working with. We’ve now begun work on their new branding. It’s already coming together and looking incredible – we can’t WAIT to share it with you all once we’ve finished.

In the meantime, Tyrie and Elaina have set up a gofundme page to help the farm supplement their feed costs for the next year. With this money, they hope to take care of the many farm and rescue animals that call Glory Seeds home, and free up other funds to complete some much-needed upgrades around the farm.In addition, there is now a Glory Seeds Instagram account (@glory_seeds) where you can meet many of the adorable animals at the farm, there is also a Glory Seeds Amazon wish list to help them get certain supplies for the farm.

If you feel so moved, we encourage you to support Glory Seeds in any way you can: a donation in any amount, a share on your facebook page, a follow on Instagram, or send them something via Amazon. Most of all, we ask that you just help us spread the word about this wonderful charity and their mission.



Oh, Hello There!

When we open a new client questionnaire and see gems like “I saw Jill Smith’s website and wanted to Single-White-Female it” or “kind of a color addict here. I like them all” we know we have found the right client. Graphic Designer and stationery black belt Jenny Romanski has turned out to be just that. She reached out to us just about a year ago to take on the task of updating the brand for her company Hello Little One. The fact that she came highly recommended from one of our all-time favorite clients made this match all the more heavenly. We loved everything about this little company, especially the employ-your-family aspect of Jenny’s hiring her mom as production artist (we know something about running a family business over here). More than that, we loved Jenny’s work and found plenty of inspiration in her own aesthetic perspective. So, nine months later, we’re ready to send this little one out into the wide big world and watch it grow for another decade (there’s a birth analogy in there somewhere – you’re just gonna have to trust us).

Business Card Design for Hello Little One by BRAIZENTagline, Digital Painting and Branding for Hello Little One by BRAIZENLogo Brush Script Calligraphy Process Sketches for Hello Little One by BRAIZENBusiness cards with gold foil for Hello Little One by BRAIZEN

Hello Little One Brand Identity and Branding Board by BRAIZEN

Hello Little One Website Design by BRAIZEN

“What I really want to say is YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AMAZING AND BALLS TO THE WALL AWESOME but I thought I’d try to be a bit more professional…;)here goes…

I was in the middle of sourcing a design firm to help me rebrand Hello Little One, and I was not having much luck. I’m pretty picky, and wasn’t really impressed with the portfolios I came across. I was looking for über creatives that spoke the same crazy design language that I did, and was beginning to think it may just be a pipe dream and I’d have to settle.

Then a bit of lightning struck. One of my favorite designer buddies, Jill Smith, launched her new website, designed by Braizen, and it was amazeballs. It had her personality oozing from every inch of it. So I called up Braizen, and a new love story ensued.

I absolutely adored working with the team at Braizen. Besides the end results, the area that I was most impressed with was their eagerness to get to know me and my work. I came to them with a somewhat cloudy vision, but their R&D stage really fine-tuned my likes and wishes. On the first week of deliverables, I couldn’t believe how freaking PERFECTLY they nailed it. Week after week, we just kept moving along. They were on-time, on-budget, passionate and professional. When my website launched, the comment I received most was “That is so YOU” — exactly what I was hoping for. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and am looking forward to the next project with the awesome folks at Braizen.”

~Jenny Romanski, Hello Little One



Meghan - LOVE every bit about this! And while checking out HLOs site I saw that my sister’s Save the Dates’ were one of Jenny Romanski’s designs. Small world :)

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